Hulk Smash stapler

Yes please Hulk Smash stapler. Best stapler I've ever seen in my life

Louis Vuitton Waffle Iron

The Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker by Andrew Lewicki

The Louis Vuitton waffle maker designed by Andrew Lewicki cooks up a fashionable breakfast. The signature Louis Vuitton pattern is imprinted onto each waffle. These waffles will make you feel like you are part of the upper crust.

Creature Cups

bestof-etsy: “Creature Cups by Yumi Yumi Brooklyn-based artist Yumi Yumiof Creature Cups handmakes quirky ceramic coffee mugs with a surprise at the bottom. As the coffee or liquid is consumed a.

Decepticon ring

Check out some of the most geeky wedding rings in the market. Double helix eing, engagement rings and some more can be listed as some of the nerdy engagement rings in town. If your partner is geeky enough, such rings can be a perfect engagement ring.

Transparent Toaster

See Your Toast Toast: Transparent Toaster

Completely see through, the glass toaster is designed to put an end to burnt toast. Watch bread toast before your eyes with this glass toaster design

Coin-Drop Belt Buckle

Arcade Belt Buckle... that lights up

Recycled Video Arcade Twenty-Five Cent Coin-Drop Belt Buckle - Gizmodiva

Wampa Ice Scraper Mitt

Go full Jedi on your car this Winter with a Star Wars Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper. Just as Luke Skywalker did on Hoth, now you can scrape your windshield