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triple bunk beds for boys room, friends sleep over. LOVE IT

triple bunk beds for boys room. if for any reason I end up with three boys and then just have the extra room as playroom/office

Murphy bunk beds

These multi-purpose furniture by Clei. In addition to Improvising, Multi Purpose Furniture used for small space in your home. Lets you hit every inch of space that can be used at home. All the furniture has several functions built in…Read more ›

Murphy bunk beds

a murphy bed-style bunk system.I think ALL homes should be built with at least one room with a murphy bed of some type. I personally would like a queen in one room and put a bunk bed style for future grands in the craft room

Bunk bed Murphy bed!  That's a great idea for when the grandkids come over...but the $4500 price tag is scary.  ...and safety-conscious me would require some sort of guard rail at the ends.  Hey, Ikea, how about doing a one-off of this?  Double Murphy Bed | Dwell

Do it Yourself: Double Murphy Bed, this Baltic birch bunk tucks into a wall for an easy hidden addition to your home.