Linda Martin

Linda Martin

Professional digitizer who lives for time with the grandkids and their parents. Kansas born, Arizona raised; living in Bahamas for hubby. Arizonan by choice.
Linda Martin
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Native Ladies 8x12

Seven beautiful applique designs of Native Ladies. hoops size in Art, Hus, Exp, Jef, Pes and Vip formats.

Spring Wreath 5x5

Lovely fabric wreath with spring flower details. The 12 parts to create the wreath are made in the hoop. Art, exp, hus, jef, pes and vip formats.

Shoes Sayings 4 sizes

Each design comes in 4 sizes: and in art, exp, hus, jef, pes and vip formats.

He Is Risen Dangler 5x7

He Is Risen dangler. Art, exp, hus, jeff, pes and vip formats.

Gingy Cookie Rug Mug Set

Gingy Chef and Gingy Girl are baking for the holidays. size Art, Exp, Hus, Jef, Pes and Vip.

Alma Lynn Stocking Stuffer 4 sizes

Fun Christmas art work by Alma Lynne. Art, Exp, Hus, Jef, Pes and Vip.

Steam Punk Crazy Quilt Blocks  8x8

Crazy quilt design blocks with Steam punk motifs. 4 designs in 2 sizes, and Like to use crazy quilt blocks for different projects, here they were used to create journal covers using 8 size design. Crazy quilt tips and journal cover instructions included.

Free Standing Lace Rickrack Ornaments

Combine the two with these darling free standing lace and hoop sizes in art, exp, hus, jef, pes and vip formats in zip.