Fumihiro Toda

White rustic handmade ceramic mug with textured, ruffled base. Perfect for sipping your morning cup of coffee.

A plate a day: Makoto Kagoshima

Makoto Kagoshima is a japanese artist who works with ceramic. His vessel is magical and whimsical, picturing mainly animals and flowers. Very illustrative, every piece is unique. His work is amazin…

Sue Binns - The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh - Contemporary Art Since 1842

Delightful blue and white ceramics from British potter, Sue Binns . You can never go wrong with blue and white--it's always so fresh a.


Rag dolls are among the oldest toys on earth. Several people are acquainted with the Alexander Dolls that are still made today. One way to attach with different potters is by way of email.

/Lucie Rie- Original- Potter

Lucie Rie lived a long, productive and distinguished life as one of the leading studio potters of the century. As part of the pioneering generation which forged a new identity for studio ceramics, Rie created within it her own distinctive voice.