No caption needed.

Just another gay guy with a thing for scruffy, furry, hairy, hunky men. I claim no ownership of any of the photos/videos I post.


that's a helluva handy man. and for the record. i've NEVER seen a handy man fall anywhere near this category of hawt.

What's for dinner? Who cares!

"I like that oven. That's a nice oven. I want that oven! The hot guy needs to move over to the left a bit so I can see more of the oven!

We salute you...

Hot guys in camo. Men in military uniforms are sexy hot. I know, that is why I joined the Army.

Julian Gabriel shirtless

Julian Gabriel © JORGE FREIRE # pecs six pack abs bare chest hunk hot guy nice arms male body torso shirtless eye candy adonis speedo musculoso fitness model

Cereal, anyone?

We'll start off with Eric Dane. Or shall we say Mr. McSteamy from Grey's anatomy. He is even holding a smiley face bowl. Be happy Monday is two hours away from being over!

GQ Cover August 2012 - Joseph Gordon Levitt

Joseph Gordon Levitt is my men's wear style icon. Well cut textured vest with polka dot tie. Love that tie! Plus- he's gorgeous.

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