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Things I Love

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New Zealand - Travel Scrapbooking Stickers

New Zealand Scrapbooking Stickers



That is so freaking cool

The elephant's muscular trunk is its most remarkable feature ~ it serves as a nose, a hand, an extra foot, a signaling device and a tool for gathering food, siphoning water, dusting, digging and a variety of other functions. Not only does the long trunk permit the elephant to reach as high as 23 feet, but it can also perform movements as delicate as picking berries or caressing a companion.

autumn - my favourite season

Vintage fabric suitcases, trendy traveler huh

Vintage Globe on Retro Stand = WANT!!

I love penny farthings. They remind me of going to the Canterbury museum as a kid and 'riding' on the stationary one they have there

Love this

I know I have pinned this before but I really love this idea. I only wish I had seen it before my trip to London & Paris, but I will definitely be doing it for my trip to Hawaii this year!

very true


Like it




rain on water

I ♥ Carousels!

Baby elephants




I really like the fan