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Pop-up 'Mad Men': Fat Betty, the Rolling Stones and Romney is a clown

Mad Men hipster ( Don Draper Jon Hamm & Harry Crane Rich Sommer)


"I'm going to paint the solar system on the back of her hands. That way, she has to learn the entire solar system before she can say, "Oh, I know that like the back of my hand." ~Sarah Kay - "If I Should Have a Daughter" or "B" CARMEL LOVE ♥

Peter Gabriel IV (or Security)

Peter Gabriel Security: one of his weirdest. it's a cool album, and it has one of his funkiest, scariest songs, "Shock The Monkey.

R.I.P. Eduard Khil (A.K.A. Mr. Trololo)!...

R.I.P. Eduard Khil (A.K.A. Mr. Trololo)!...