I wish one of my lovely lady guests would show up in something like this!

Ball gown, The Phantom of the Opera 2004 Masquerade ball gown for Emily Rossum as the leading lady Christine Daae Costume designer Alexandra Byrne. The only movie costume I like.

1860's ~Ballgown <3

Two-piece dress, Sweden, Pink silk moiré with white bobbin lace on machine-made tulle and white silk tulle. Hand- and machine-sewn. Skirt has eight panels. Hallwyl Museum, Sweden -- Reminds me of Cinderella's ballgown before her step sisters ripped it up

Floral ball gown, French, ca. 1865.

Robe à transformation, French, circa Silk plain weave (taffeta) with printed warp, moiré finish. with the advent of roller printing, came amazing beauties like these.

Dinner ensemble, 1858, American, the MET

Dress that looks to be made from watered silk, It has 2 bodices - the short-sleeve with the low neckline for the evening, and the high-necked long-sleeve bodice for daytime wear. Met Museum Fanfic is coming

Reproduction in museum of Habsburg empress Elizabeth's Hungarian coronation dress by Worth. I usually don't have any desire to replicate Civil War era gowns but the combination of the creamy white and the lace and the black on the bodice is just beautiful.

Replica of Sissi's Hungarian coronation gown by Charles Frederick Worth (Sisi Museum at the Imperial Apartments Hofburg Palace, Wien)

Blue Wedgewood Dress - don't have a date on it, but it's too pretty not to pin.

Crinoline Evening Dress, ca. Evening dresses during the Crinoline period typically had much lower necklines and shorter sleeves than dresses worn in the day. Skirts were very voluminous. The fringe on the sleeves of this gown was very popular at the time