I so hope I can remember to do this!

Last day of school holding a picture from the first day of school.would be cute to do the first or last day of Senior Year as well.with the kindergarten picture! First day of Kindergarten.First day of High school.First day of Senior year.

Rock Monster magnets tutorial. Make something fun with the kid's this summer!

This is a great craft for the kids that won't be too messy or make them too tired if they aren't feeling their best- Rock Monsters! A Pebble Magnet Tutorial

Send a heart attack. (write one thing you love about them on each heart)  What a great way (and inexpensive) to lift your loved up while apart.

LOVE IT…so cute! Send a heart attack. Write one thing you love about them on each heart. LOVE IT…so cute! Send a heart attack. Write one thing you love about…

Ribbon weaving berets. #DIY

Posting here so I can look at it later.Pink and Green Mama: Old School Crafting: Weaving Ribbon Barrettes I remember making these when I was a kid

Fluffy Stuff ~ it is simply   2 BOXES OF CORNSTARCH AND 1 CAN OF SHAVING CREAM... The coolest part about Fluffy Stuff is how soft it is yet able to be molded

Christmas snowball fight in texas! From Play Create Explore: Summer Snowballs with Fluffy Stuff - 2 boxes cornstarch + 1 can shaving cream!

coffee beans and vanilla candles...instant heavenly aroma

Santa Rosa Winery Wedding by Verite Photography

Vanilla candles in coffee beans! I also have a vanilla candle in a votive, and while the wax was still melted I added coffee beans so they would dry into the candle. it makes me crave more coffee.