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Blessed to Have Met You!

I have been Blessed to have traveled the World. For Business. For Research. For Counter-Intel. For Missions. For Friendship. For Vacation. For Relocation. For War. For Peace. For Exploration. For Discovery. Meet New People. Take New Photos. Think New Thoughts. Make New Connections. Blessed by such Friends as these.

Gotta love those Iowa Farmers! Great folk the conservative thinking and self reliant Iowans! Unlike most of his Iowa neighbors, farmer Dick Thompson isn't expecting the US Govt. to help him survive the drought. While others depend upon federally subsidized crop insurance, Thompson relies on old-fashioned farming methods to see him through. Boone, Iowa

Bringing down the Berlin Wall (1989). Spent My Time On That Wall! Blessed to have met both groups ... the ones tearing the wall down! And the ones standing atop the wall watching the ones tearing the walls down! Again - Blessed to have met you both! Glad those on the top of the wall finally woke up! Freedom isn't free!

I lost my mind one year and walked the "Swiss March / volk's march through the Swiss Alps, culminating after 80 Kilometers in Bern, Switzerland (50 Miles). I wore my uniform as I was with a specially trained USA Team. It blew me away that as we came into every tiny mountain village - there would be some WWII Swiss Veteran there to say, "thank you" to the "good American soldiers". God Bless the Greatest Generation for their testimony, and the Swiss for their memory.

I lived in Japan for three short years. I still carry a love for art forms, garden forms, and martial arts that is uniquely perfected in Japan. They do everything with superb attention to detail. For example - I would never grow Wisteria at the wild edges of my backyard garden, it is just too invasive and unruly. They have no fear of it in Japan. (photo: Wisteria, Kitayama, Kyoto, Japan) Blessed to have met you!

Finding Solace in the Majestic Mountains of Switzerland and peacefulness among its folk. I happily take my hat off to the Swiss. In a sea of despotism these people have maintained an Island of Liberty even into the modern age of the All-intrusive State. Just going on a visit to Switzerland is an eye opener for the average European and American. Time and again my same conclusion has been drawn: everything Swiss is like the very best of other countries, only better. Blessed to have met you!

Had these homemade cheesy poblano empanadas in Columbia, S. America. They are filled with rajas or roasted poblano peppers, and a mix of queso fresco, oaxaca cheese, and goat cheese. Poblano peppers, have the perfect blend of heat and flavor. In general, poblanos are relatively mild, however sometimes they can be on spicier side. They are also ideal for stuffing and can be prepared filled with a variety of different filling combinations. Great food in Columbia!

Balos Bay, Gramvousa, Crete, Greece.

Cretans are well known for notorious family and clan vendettas. They also have a tradition of keeping firearms at home, a tradition lasting from the era of resistance against the Ottoman Empire. Nearly every household has at least one unregistered gun. Guns are subject to strict regulation from the Greeks. In recent years a great deal of effort to control firearms in Crete has been placed by the Greek Police. Ha! Blessed to have met you - guns and all!

Cretans are fiercely proud of their island and customs, and men often don elements of traditional dress in everyday life: knee-high black riding boots (stivania), vráka breeches tucked into the boots at the knee, black shirt and black headdress consisting of a fishnet-weave kerchief worn wrapped around the head or draped on the shoulders (the sariki). Blessed to have met you.

Elafonisi (or Elafonissos) is a small islet connected to the rest of Crete by a shallow reef that can be crossed when the sea is calm. This islet is lying on the south-west corner of Crete and can be reached by boat from Paleohora or by car from the village of Vathi, until a point and then cross the reef. Great relaxed people ... Blessed to have met you.

The Aradena Gorge - Sfakia-Crete (see

Cretans, are permanently in love with their island and all that it stands for. A happy folk loving life with a spirit passed down from the vivacious Minoans. Strength derived through perpetual contact with every ancient race and civilization. They've known the Dorians, Hellens, Sea Peoples, Egyptians, and the Byzantines. A special fire is found in their "rizitika" folk songs, and in their priest's eyes as he holds a handgun poised in his belt. Blessed to have met you!

Misty Morning in the Bavarian Alps. Great Folk!

A "Maibaum" is this thing. In Bavaria, it’s decorated with the Bavarian colors of blue and white, and decorated with local symbols. They seem to be used like large signposts or billboards — the decorations reflect the different craftsmen or trades that the market or village provides — a butcher or cobbler or so on. Pinned by www.mygrowingtrad...

Mountain Edelweiss. Once when training in the Bavarian Alps with the German KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte, a couple of the more 'friendly in-your-face tough guys' on the companion training team challenged a few of us 'yanks' to a climb. It was no hill! It was a buttocks-killer! The prize? Who could find the Edelweiss at "the highest and the firstest!" I kept and pressed my little small and white blossoms. Gave em' to my sweety. Blessed to have met you Sonderwaffenbegleitkompanien boyz!

Bavarian Architecture and balconies of draping long limber-green geraniums. Just a great vista. Perhaps the best way to imagine their cheerfulness! I still grow window box geraniums because of their influence! Blessed to have met you!

Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany. Been there many times. "Bavaria" is really a way of life. The folk, cheerful and relaxed, sometimes rather obstinate, but never losing sight of reality. Genuine conviviality and unforced ‘Gemütlichkeit' are among the Bavarians' best virtues, as are liberal-mindedness and tolerance. "Live and let live" - that is what the much-praised ‘Liberalitas Bavarica' means. Perhaps life in Bavaria is a little less hectic than elsewhere. Blessed to have met you!

Dimitrie Cantemir, "The Book of the Science of Music" - Hesperion XXI, Jordi Savall - Der Makam[...]

Columbian Special Forces ... some tough and dedicated hombres' - glad to have met and trained with you. Blessed days! Drive On O'Columbia!

When I was a boy this was the view from our backyard. I watched the clouds play around Mount Fuji-san. The clouds were never still - neither below it, nor above it. In English, the mountain is known as Mount Fuji. Some sources refer to it as "Fuji-san", "Fujiyama" or, redundantly, "Mt. Fujiyama". Japanese speakers refer to the mountain as "Fuji-san". Japanese Art, Music, and people are like Fuji-san; most beautiful. The viewings taught me to "see" nature. Blessed to have met the Japanese!

"Power to the Peaceful" - In my work I have had the distinct pleasure to have visited nearly all the Tribal Lands in this great nation. I have on many occasion had long conversations with tribal council leaders, as well as humble community members. It strikes me how that these great First American Families are single-minded in one common cause: they have a yearning for peace. It is a part of their traditional ways and modern ideology. In peace they are pragmatically realistic teachers. Peace!

Iwasaki Masatoshi (Unzen Farmer) wrote a great book about 'Slow Food Farming'; growing delicious, organics. He collects and farms only with Japanese heirloom seeds. The book is called: Tsukuru, Taberu, Mukashi Yasai (Make, Eat, Traditional Vegetables). We lived out in the remote countryside of Japan for three years. Friends of my father like Mr. Masatoshi, taught me kindness, hardwork, and gardening-skills; lessons still impacting my life's journey. Blessed to have met the Japanese Farmers.

Guam. US Territory. I have stood in this exact spot with a camera so many times. The wind is always blowing with breeze enough to lift a man-kite. The trip down through this little valley is almost a day long - if you stop to take in the fauna and flora. I once found a Japanese Officers sword here - stuck in a tree. The combination of rugged mountains and the calm sea, make Cetti Bay the best trek in Guam. The Chamoru are some of the most vigorous laughing people I have ever met. Great fun!

Angel at Catedral de Zipaquirá - Zipaquira, Cundinamarca. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, a few kilometres outside Bogotá is the homage of the salt miners to their patron saint. It is a very difficult place to take pictures, because of the absence of light in the underground complex. This photos is by Gonzalo Marturet. The families of the old salt miners are still make up the local population. Just as warm a folk as you'd ever want to break bread with. Blessed to have Met You!

Columbian Soldier. Great Army. Great Men. Friends of the USA. Trained with plenty of these impressive warriors. It is interesting to hear their views about the "bad-guys" that we face. They wouldn't fare nor mix well with Hollywood, CA. Hasta la llegada del presidente Uribe al poder, los Colombianos se sentían "secuestrados" en sus propias ciudades ya que los desplazamientos por tierra a través del país eran lilteralmente imposibles debido a los continuos asaltos y secuestros de la guerrilla.