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#DIY Free '#strawberry treat box' printable

Meyers Briggs of Disney... I took the test in high school and in college and I'm consistently ESFP an "entertainer". In this case Peter Pan lol.

My personality based off Meyers-Briggs.


Minute to Win It: Wrap Race In one minute, wrap your classmate in toilet paper and top with a scarf and hat to look like a snowman!

if you draw on a lightbulb with a sharpie, it'll decorate the walls with your designs

Christmas Minute to Win It games

New Tattoo Could Be Just What The Doctor Ordered. Diabetics may soon be lining up for a special new tattoo that does “tricks.” Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Texas Diabetes Institute are working on a new tattoo that is designed to change color when a person’s blood sugar drops, or when it spikes.

Chef Ramsey

Make Owls With Walnuts Kids Crafts

I could also have the students make their favorite character from a book using paper bags.The endless ideas that are coming to mind.

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Apples+Peanut Butter+marshmallows=fun kid snack

Grape worms/caterpillars. Great kids snacks or kid's party!

Homemade mini corn dogs. Fun to make for a picnic or easy dinner.

DIY Peanut Butter Super Buddies (a kids snack)

fall kid snack ideas - Bing Images

fall kid snack ideas - Bing Images

Kid snack

Creative Kid Snacks - ziploc bag instead? Too cute, going to do this for movie night this winter.