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When Darkness slips in through her bedroom window, Daisy and Darkness dance the night away.

At first Ugly Fish likes being alone in his tank so much that he eats any fish that tries to share it, but when he becomes lonely, he devises a better plan.

A lonely little boy who is afraid of the dark is introduced to a whole new world by a little girl named Dark.

When a young girl has a series of mishaps at home one day, her mother tries not to lose her temper-- and does not quite succeed.

A six-year-old (The Pain) and his eight-year-old sister (The Great One) see each other as a troublemaker and the best-loved in the family. For use in schools and libraries only. A six-year-old (The Pain) and his eight-year-old sister (The Great One) see each other as troublemakers and the best-loved in the family.

Offers an analogy about facing change in one's life through the story of a young raindrop that is afraid to drop from his comfortable cloud.

  • Lee Magno
    Lee Magno

    About courage

Although Louis knows a lot about outer space, the young boy finds himself sent to Principal Goodkid's office to attend Personal Space Camp after his teacher loses her patience with his behavior.

A mother tells her own daughter what she was like and what she used to do when she was a little girl. To Katie, it seems as if her mother has alwaysbeen her mother, with her bills to pay and to-do lists--but in fact, her mother was once a little girl, just like Katie! Celebrate the joy of being a girl and the special love that mothers and daughters share.

When bullies pick on a boy at school, a classmate is afraid, but decides that he must do something. Includes note regarding bullying prevention.

Merl, a very special cat, feels threatened when his owners acquire a dog, so he leaves to find a place where he will not have to share with a dog, but he soon learns that home is the best place to be.

In this amusing picture book, a colorful snake challenges children to find him as he slithers through pages of familiar objects. "Baker's elaborate acrylic designs, variety of lush hues, and sly wit provide a feast for the eyes while maintaining the cohesive personality of the book from page to page."

A groundbreaking book of statistics and stories that compare the lives of children around the world today. Every second of every day, four more children are added to the world's population of over 2.2 billion children. Some of these 2.2 billion children will be cared for and have enough to eat and a place to call home. Many others will not be so fortunate.

Six young people discuss their feelings about their own ethnic backgrounds and about their experiences with people of different races.

Chronicles the life of Dave, a nineteenth-century slave who went on to become an influential poet, artist, and potter.

Bernard encounters Vincent van Gogh in Central Park, and volunteers to show the artist special places in New York City that call out to be painted.

Out of love and concern for their planet, the animals and people of Mother Earth work together to protect the natural world. A companion to the author's first book, "Dear Children of the Earth", thisook tells the story of the one big family of Mother Earth, in a lesson ofharing and protecting our planet.

Armadillo's habit of eavesdropping and then misreporting what he hears makes the other animals so angry that they find a way to keep him from overhearing their private conversations.

  • Lee Magno
    Lee Magno

    About gossiping

Sunday Chutney has lived everywhere, which means she's always the new girl atschool and has never really had a place to call home. But Sunday doesn't carewhat people think. She enjoys her own company. What more could Sunday Chutneywant? Full color.

A biography of Rachel Carson, author of "Silent Spring," which sparked the beginnings of the modern environmental movement. Rachel Carson was always curious about the world around her. As a girl, she loved being outside, exploring and learning more about the universe. As an adult, Rachel wrote books, including Silent Spring,considered to be the start of today's environmental movement. An epilogue highlights on Rachel Carson's work and life.

Emily always lets her inner tiger roar when things do not go her way until her grandmother shows her how to turn her angry tiger into a happy one.

Although the teachers, the principal, and parents say The Test is not important, their actions tell another story.

A big fat hen counts to ten with her friends and all their chicks. From the Publisher: One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door . . . . Nine, ten, big fat hen! Now young children can enjoy a popular nursery rhyme and learn to count, too. Keith Baker's delightful illustrations filled with eggs and chicks (and bugs) are sure to tickle little ones for hours of read-aloud fun.

Although two sisters are different in many ways, they are alike too--most importantly, in their love for each other.

Open this book and you'll be walking along the ocean shore, looking for all kinds of special things. Some will be small enough to fit in your hand--like shells and sea glass. Others--like the sun and the sky and the waves--will be too big to carry home. But no matter what your journey holds, you'll soon learn that lookingfor the ocean's treasures can be as important as finding them.

Jenny and her mouse friends, in search of a peaceful place to live, come to the island of the Skog, who seems a more terrible threat than city cats and dogs.