Through the forest steep, thru the fiddle ferns so steep..they carry the staffs of light to guide the way....... by Pumpkinrot's swamp lights...

INSPIRATION: swamp lights - tea lights in jars secured to garden stakes with duct tape. finish with paper mache, paint, and aged gauze : make these for halloween movies, like the swamp monster scene

Fairy Wardrobe

DIY IDEA -Fairy Wardrobe with Clothes and Accessories / Nikki / Dolls House / Fantasy by on Etsy


I love fairies and pixies and tinkerbell and all things little and sprite!I will definitley look forward to this next year!

fairy lantern

FAiRy LANTERN made from Decayed Poppy Seed Head. or one from the land of the little people

night fairy

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in fairies

Believe and Trust… you?

Gentle Fairy

So this is my first published fairy now named Minty. I made another version of her that matches the newest fairy I posted in case someone might want the. Minty the Fairy

house  .

*MYSTICAL FOREST's ~ I have learned the treasure of each moment. I know the sound sunlight makes as it rests upon the branches.And settles with the years upon my cheek.

.Wee Fairy in - GREEN

≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries - fae in the ferns

Free: A Fairies Friend and Bunnies Cross Stitch Pattern - Needlecraft