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Healthy chocolate crackle bars (gf, v, r)


Your farmers' market haul is great for making salads—but it can also play a starring role in these bake-it-all-in-one-dish dinners.

Veggie Burgers With Zucchini and Corn

Veggie Burgers With Zucchini and Corn recipe |

Cauliflower Melts

Raisins have a long shelf life and are great for a boost of energy. I was walking on a cold boardwalk, quite a ways from home, when a pang of hunger attacked. I was wearing my ski jacket-an ideal jacket for the beach in the winter and also ideal for storage with its plentiful pockets for goggles, headphones, keys, money, credit cards, lip balm, sunblock, and Starburst. There are always a few raisins tucked away somewhere (long pocket life?), too; same in this recipe-hidden and sweetly…

The 10 Best Sweet Potato Toast Recipes On Instagram

Fettuccine Carbonara with Fried Eggs

fettuccine carbonara with broccoli rabe