LOL Funny Egg Jokes/Yolks

LOL Funny Egg Jokes/Yolks

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Sunny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper ♥


Eggs Font, A Typeface Made of Carefully Shaped Fried Eggs

Eggs Font, A Typeface Made of Carefully Shaped Fried Eggs

Before I prepared this cake, many eggs had to be broken! ;D LO

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EggDrawing Hey My Friends welcome to pictures collections. Yesterday night get hungry so i would have two egg and bread leftover pepper. When I got egg suddenly thinking about Drawing of egg. And referred Google a lot of ideas there. Easter egg drawing, Funny Egg Art, and some amazing egg Photography

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  • Marjorie Dorfman
    Marjorie Dorfman

    How could they not?

  • martha beller
    martha beller

    Almost everyone that I sent one to got a chuckle out of it. Thanks for posting.

  • Laurie Krause
    Laurie Krause

    These are Great, Thank you, Eggcourse i had to share :)

  • paulette donick
    paulette donick

    Going to my family going to do this so funny

  • Fran Weber
    Fran Weber

    So Funny & Cleaver lol

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funny easter eggs

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  • Sue Moreau
    Sue Moreau

    Love them so cute!

  • Barbara Tremblay
    Barbara Tremblay

    They are!! thank u

Funny Images - Find Latest Funny Photos, Pictures Collection

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  • Nancy DaVane
    Nancy DaVane

    Lol, So Cute....

  • george hanna
    george hanna

    what to do with eggs

  • Tina Gonzales
    Tina Gonzales

    Why do you say I Niemel what is that supposed to mean

  • Nancy DaVane
    Nancy DaVane

    'Buenos días' means 'Good day' and Animo means "Spirit to Fight

  • Tina Gonzales
    Tina Gonzales

    Ok thanks :)

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... I laughed.

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  • Carol Lynn Heard
    Carol Lynn Heard

    Your eggs have me a good laugh. ♥ them.

  • Natasha Cordova
    Natasha Cordova

    😁😃😄is very cute and funny lol xxx Natasha makeup

  • Nancy Reimer
    Nancy Reimer

    Nancy Reimer

  • Nancy Reimer
    Nancy Reimer

    Thas is look like wen my dollar ad her boyfriend ad her dad gave her the ilv look

  • Gigi Goldman
    Gigi Goldman

    Me too only take a minute and I laugh everytime I get one

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Funny Illustration

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  • Patty Speer
    Patty Speer

    Lol so very cute

  • Joanne Rademacher
    Joanne Rademacher


  • Julie Tyner
    Julie Tyner

    Love this

  • Diane Gibson
    Diane Gibson

    Yes I am!

  • Joanne Magill
    Joanne Magill

    Hi am fine you x

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Easter Printables

Easter Printables - Mr Printables
  • Kit Ritter
    Kit Ritter

    TOO CUTE!!

A little #egg humor! #JokeoftheDay photo via

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  • Donna Larson
    Donna Larson

    Hee Hee!

  • Mary Sharpe
    Mary Sharpe

    It was just so humorous....

  • Jane wendschlag
    Jane wendschlag

    Tee Hee!

  • Mary Sharpe
    Mary Sharpe


  • Caroline Scheibenpflug
    Caroline Scheibenpflug

    Too funny!

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Flirting eggs

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  • Eve Diskin
    Eve Diskin

    Just what I was going to suggest. I just looked and there is some really cool stuff! Have fun!

  • Dee Grantham
    Dee Grantham

    Thanks, I agree!!

  • L Meredith Harris-Johnson
    L Meredith Harris-Johnson

    Great Art! Great Mind!

  • Dee Grantham
    Dee Grantham

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  • Sandy Laptew Huot
    Sandy Laptew Huot

    Lets do this LOL

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Happy Easter

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  • Barbara Saksida
    Barbara Saksida

    They are sooo jealous

  • Gloria Dorming
    Gloria Dorming

    Too funny!!

  • Wanda Headley
    Wanda Headley

    so funny!

  • Donna Plant
    Donna Plant

    So funny.

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  • Tiffany Tejeda
    Tiffany Tejeda

    Cheryl Melban Haha I love it!

  • Kathryn Freeman
    Kathryn Freeman


Easter Eggs Your Kids Will Love

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  • Ruth Wood
    Ruth Wood


  • Chermaine Garrett
    Chermaine Garrett

    Where can you get the plastic eggs? Target?

  • Joyce Sims
    Joyce Sims

    found them on Amazon

  • brenda anable
    brenda anable

    just too cute

  • Laura Cella
    Laura Cella

    Those are adorable!!

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Easter decoration

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Easter humor ;):)

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  • brandy robinson
    brandy robinson

    Funny & creative! ")

  • Robin Mifflin
    Robin Mifflin


  • Sharon Carey
    Sharon Carey

    Loved it

  • Shania Koenigshof
    Shania Koenigshof

    That's great!!! :D

I wonder who took my picture & posted it.

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  • Jean Koopman
    Jean Koopman

    Nice, thanks. Did the buildings remind you of Belize too?

  • Pamela Lucas
    Pamela Lucas

    Yes I'm pretty sure that is where it was taken.

  • Jean Koopman
    Jean Koopman

    He he he


Happy Halloween

A cross between coloring Easter Eggs and Going on Vacation!

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  • Barbara Boyes
    Barbara Boyes


  • OhMyGoshSomeoneActually

    when I first saw this, I thought of Gangnam Style.

when i first saw this i automatically thought about Doctor Who and started to think...but how did the Silence get in the egg with em? what was I saying?

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  • David Bogardus
    David Bogardus

    If Christ has set you free, you are free indeed!

Amazingly weird art... I guess.

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Funny eggs :)

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  • Josie Mascorro
    Josie Mascorro

    I'm enjoying these funny egg jokes!

Funny eggs

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  • Sheila Dunlop Leary
    Sheila Dunlop Leary

    Love it!!!

40 Creative and Funny Egg Paintings | The Design Inspiration

40 Creative and Funny Egg Paintings | The Design Inspiration
  • Susan Jackson
    Susan Jackson

    Lol! It may be a good dive, but that egg is gonna die! 🐣

  • Michelle Chapman
    Michelle Chapman

    So cute!

  • Pamela Allen
    Pamela Allen


  • Nancy Johnson
    Nancy Johnson

    very cute/