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Lord Mother Lakshmi Mutaji

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty.

Sri Maha Vishnu More

BHAGAVAD GITA , 62 } तमेव शरणं गच्छ सर्वभावेन भारत। तत्प्रसादात्परां शान्तिं स्थानं प्राप्स्यसि शाश्वतम्‌॥ Seek refuge in the Supreme Lord alone, with loving devotion, O Arjuna. By His grace you shall attain supreme peace and the Eternal Abode.

Goddess Sarasvati | Journeying to the Goddess

In Hinduism, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. She is part of a Hindu trinity and also revered by the Jains. The Jains are a branch of Hinduism. Self sacrifice and denial is part of their practice.