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So true! But I mostly love routine...until Im bored... words-inspirations

Crazy Little Thing Called Life: august...where did you go?

How about you fix yourself instead of breaking me... That sounds more like a plan.

WTF is wrong with you? When emotions run high, don't follow your Heart - start listening to Head.

Like a fat kid down a hill... That's how I roll. | Encouragement Ecard

Confession of a Single Woman: I want a Best Friend/Lover/Companion who connects with me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I'll have more luck finding a Unicorn.

It was a rough day for me..I need a new tattoo for William.

It's for your own safety...

Ecards | Losing My Mind, One Child At A Time....

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics

Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics


Anna gillar: Sometimes...

Those aren't grey hairs, idiot, they are strands of GLITTER growing out of my head.

Ludicrous photos of the hour (12:43:55 AM, Thursday 05, February 2015 PST) – 15 pics


Donkey Tees - Funny Cool Offensive T-Shirts

hahahahaha!!!!!! Love this!


cookie & milk

TGIF: Funny Pic Dump (30 Pics)

Ask yourself. Why?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 86 Pics

Oh my god this is so funny i hope my kids do crap like this one day

.im dying right now omg

I’m just as Squidward…

I know people like this...

We all cope in different ways I like sex and being awesome | Anonymous ART of Revolution

Dawwwww Thank you ♥ Good morning Ty ♥

I have been through more than most people could ever even handle. My struggles & triumphs have made me unbreakable.

Everyone is getting married, having babies and buying homes... and I'm here like, 'Where will I go to on my next trip?'

It takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs and trip over completely nothing... I have that skill!