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Shahrezad Morssal
Shahrezad Morssal
Shahrezad Morssal

Shahrezad Morssal

I find myself designing something every time I say I hate design. I love design. I don't live to design, but I love how it's capable of communicating what words

An 'Earthquake-Proof' Table That Can Withstand Falling Debris

An illustration I made for my cousin who liked a t-shirt he owned when he was a kid. But I had to include my Arabic touch to it!

Illustrating lyrics. Listening to "bullet proof" by a little band from Texas. Part I illustrated was "she falls asleep with one eye open just incase I call and two days later I finally pull through I know we'll last forever"

The question I wished I could ask those who gave me attention only for my physical appearance.

يا ريتني أنور في الظلام I wish I glowed in the dark

An ideal wedding, in my opinion. Pink, Polka dots and stripes!

50s Style Wedding is my Dream Wedding!

A daily reminder.

Comes to prove that everyone is a little insane.

A book designed by my amazing friend Nada Seet of my stupid pathetic story.

هل أنت مطارد الفايسبوك؟ Are you a facebook stalker?

محتار|محتارة؟ Confused?

القلب المفطور The broken heart

كنا نلعب بالثلاثة We were playing with three

قصة حقيقية True story

أكره الهيل I hate cardamom

حقيقي truthfully