Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven) - a steel staircase of 4000 steps that ascends a ridge up from the Valley of Haiku near Kaneohe on the island Oahu, HI

Haiku Stairs [Stairway to Heaven], Oahu, Hawaii.stairway to heaven hawaii

Tahiti. Bora Bora.

Amazing Things in the World Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.Amazing Things in the World Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa.

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

breath taking! (Watkins Glen State Park in New York) breath taking! (Watkins Glen State Park in New York) breath taking! (Watkins Glen State Park in New York)

no way thats awesome!

The Gigantic Water Play Slide - Hammacher Schlemmer. This would be awesome for the lake house : )

Guilin, China

i think every photo is a print photo Li River / Yan Zhang . Li River is one of the most famous and beautiful rivers in China.

Inflatable hot tub!! I want one of these

Inflatable 4 person hot tub: perfect for our deck. I need a deck

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the water teeter totter that rocks up to ten people for safe, reliable waterborne fun for entire families. Five people positioned on either side grasp one of 20 built-in handles and then use body weight to rock the structure

Ten person Teeter-Totter, flip it over and it's a double water slide! Would be so fun for summer! This would be so fun at Lake Powell!

hilton, bora bora. honeymoon?

Club Med Kani @ Maldives - take me there! Tim and my honeymoon paradise. Will go back again in a heartbeat

Giant Inflatable Floating Island - this could be fun...we so need this!

22 Ridiculously Awesome Pool Floats

How awesome would this be at a lake house. New Giant Inflatable Floating Island 6 Person Raft Pool Lake Float

Floating Rope Swing | DudeIWantThat.com

Floating Rope Swing

Improve your summertime entertainment by experiencing the thrills of a rope swing from the middle of the lake. Great for treeless environments, the floating rope swing offers all the fun of traditional rope or dock swings without any of the hazards.

PARTY!!! Guess Where??? Not gonna tell!! lmao!! ;)

You can own your own island for cheap! Island Float at Costco 'Aqua Float Big Island Inflatable'

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Want this for my auntie's house! Perfect for the pool! The Floating Sofa - Hammacher Schlemmer

Massive Inflatable Twister Game  - if only some one had a big enough apartment

The Inflatable Outdoor Color Dot Game - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the inflatable outdoor game that challenges up to 10 players to touch different colored dots on a playing surface using only their hands and feet.

Can you say great view!

Santorini in Greece is known for the white architecture against the incredible blueness of the sky and sea, which makes for a dream romantic vacation spot . Are We There Yet,Bright Places,GREECE!,Have Dreams.Will Trav