Piercing Types and 80 Ideas On How to Wear Ear Piercings #piercings #earpiercings #accessories

Ear Piercing Chart _ I would like to get my forward helix done on my right ear and my helix on my left.

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I already have my Tragus pierced and 3 forward helixs, now I need an anti-Tragus and a rook. My ears only take forever to heal<< You are a brave soul, Im too much of a wuss to get anything other than my double piercing,

Sword industrial bar. Must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad my ear isn't shaped properly for me te be able to have an industrial piercing. I'd looove to have this sword industrial!

industrial piercing | Industrial Piercing Barbell Dream Catcher Feather Charm Genuine Turquo ...

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