Sometimes I look more like a hot mess by the end of the shift though. Haha

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15 Of The Funniest Drunk Text Conversations Ever. Read these im literally dying laughing right now!!

15 Of The Funniest Drunk Text Conversations Ever

funny facebook fails - Yolobook That guy is an asshole.

Failbook: Yolobook

It took me a second to realize but still really cool


Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having Your Mind Blown?

Love Quotes--- Have your own copy of LOVE: Quotes and Passages from the Heart. Click to find out..

Motivational Love Quotes


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omg what


How to meet almost everyone on the beach

Pets Who Won’t Let You Poop In Peace


17 Pets Who Won't Let You Poop In Peace

This wasn't thoroughly thought-out.

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23 "Love" Notes That Show What Marriage Is Really Like - #1 & #2 are totally my hubs, without a doubt!

23 "Love" Notes That Show What Marriage Is Really Like

Gag Gift CHRISTMAS "Gift Not Included" Best Seller Clean Fun 4 Gift | eBay


Gift Not Included Gag Kit Gift New Handmade

this is awesome.

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Hunger games style. This should be how we pick places from now on!

The Real Hungry Games

Shaving cream filled balloons. I am not going to lie this looks like a blast.....haha


This is awesome

Chewbacca roar contest…

The more you look at it, the more you laugh.

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happiest pin ever

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Im totally doing this

Reddit Pics


My Mental Medley
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Jennifer Lawrence.

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This is genius...

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That's awesome
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Ohmygoodness I so want to get my friends to dress up like them and go go carting!

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Dog shaming
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funny ,lol

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