College research pennant project...this could surely be adapted to meet the needs of any class.

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Help your students develop a growth mindset with these inspirational bell ringers.

Growth Mindset Bell Ringers

graffiti tables- nonfiction Each student responsible for part of information

Guided Reading Fun With Graffiti Tables |

Free printable - Students must group words based on similar topics - a great introduction to teaching main idea.

Teaching Main Idea so Students Actually Understand

Main Idea and Details *FREEBIE*!

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An awesome main Idea lesson that starts w/ the unpacking of a bag with these items & moves on to discussing how the items might be connected. Next the T. reads a piece of text & a story that the class work on together to id the main idea. It culminates w/ a student activity. Well worth checking out. I think it's perfect for one of my primary groups!

Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Finding the Main Idea

~ Main Idea UnwrAPPed! ~ Easily integrate this low prep iPad app activity into your reading centers or whole group lesson. Students will use the free iPad app GlowNote to annotate a passage from a book read to make a flashing, blinking, colorful digital video poster about the main idea and details.

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This Main Idea Bag handout is from the unit Main Ideas Using Informational Text by The Teacher Next Door. This handout gives ideas about what to put into a main idea activity bag, whether it is the actual item, a picture or simply a word printed on a card.

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Teaching Main Idea and Supporting Details with Hands on Activities

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Main Idea & Details Game - Students identify the main idea in a group of sentences that are mixed up inside an envelope! For a quick assessment, students record the main idea on a separate sheet of paper.

All the Dots: Main Idea & Details Game!

Five on the Fifth {November}

A Quick and Easy Main Idea Activity that will hold your students' interests!

A Quick and Easy Main Idea Activity!

Growing Firsties: Farley, Common Core Crunch - May & Giveaway Alert

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Teaching main idea and supporting details with a paper bag. (Model first, ie stuff to make brownies. Then students create own in groups or solo providing clues for others to guess their main idea. This can be done with other classmates or present to younger class).

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"Go passes." Each student has two trips to the bathroom or water per day. Once both of their clips are gone they need to "buy" a pass with the money from their classroom jobs. For every clip that is left at the end if the day they can put a ticket into the treasure box raffle! Easy way to monitor how often they go and keep them in check.

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Pizza Fractions Project! What a nice end-of-unit craft! Many pizza places will donate the boxes for classroom projects, just ask!

Pizza Fractions Project!

Secondgradealicious: How About a Tug of War? Making Thinking Visible. #Thinking_Skills

How About a Tug of War? Making Thinking Visible

Change mixed numbers to improper fractions

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Once students enter the room each day, the timer begins. The timer stops once lunch count/attendance is taken on the Smartboard, everybody's materials are out on their desk with their binder underneath the desk, and everyone is seated. Sixth grade students love competing to beat their previous time. The best part? I don't have to say a word. My students encourage everyone to follow expectations and get ready to go as fast as they can.

Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach: Classroom Organization

Review can be engaging and sometimes even fun. Read this post for eight engaging ways to review that are student approved and easy prep.

Engaging Ways to Review - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Strategies for Maths board (word doc)


Dragon's Den Curriculum: Cut Word Problems Down to Size! Get great ideas to make word problems easier for students to solve, plus three freebies!

Cut Word Problems Down to Size!

Problem Solving Strategies for Word Problems - would probably break up step number 2 though...solve, then reflect by checking your answer

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts

Steps for Solving Word Problems Chart

Steps for Solving Word Problems Chart | Mardel

You have word problems?

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