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In Awe of Mother Nature

In Awe of Mother Nature

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Yes, these are real sheep. They are called Valais black-faced sheep.

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Kudu Bull -Tragelaphus strepsiceros ~ is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa and considered the most handsome of all Tragelaphus.

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Rare Pallas cat facts you never knew you wanted to know! Otocolobus manul, also called manul. What makes this rare cat so special? Find out!

Rare Pallas Cat Facts, Beautifully Wild Feline, aka Manul

Titi monkeys intertwine their tails to strengthen social bonds, much like grooming is known to do. Mated pairs can often be seen with their tails entwined, as well as family groups of 3 or more, as seen here.Image credit: Anita Yantz

Nature and more: whatthefauna: Titi monkeys intertwine their...

Iceland's Háafell Goat Farm is dedicated to saving the endangered breed of Icelandic Goats. And now it may have to close.

Photos: Fighting to Save the Icelandic Goat - Modern Farmer

Taming of the Giant Elephant Shrews

Morning bath

The Dusky Leaf Monkey (spectacled Langur) in South Australia

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Mom & Baby Tamandua (Lesser Anteater)


Maine Coon Cats

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Sheep. Gandolf!!!

“A white-faced saki (Pithecia pithecia) eats in its enclosure at the zoo in Nuremberg, southern Germany”

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Blue Monkey


Water from Donut Falls, Utah, seeps through a hole in the cave ceiling. The water freezes through the night and thaws through the day during winter.

Frozen Light by Preston Rowlette | 500px

Spectacled Flying Foxes, Pteropus conspicillatus, Australia. Photo by Bruce Thomson

Albino Bat

Pantanal Conservation Area lily pads in Brazil

Magnificent untreated tanzanite crystal.

Tanzanite Buying Guide

Portrait of mature male bonobo named Makali, Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of Congo | © Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers. { Bonobo together with their cousins, the chimpanzees, are genetically closer related to us than they are to gorillas. Bonobo share more than 97% of the same genetic make up ~DNA ~ as humans }

Rosette Nosed Chameleon