most beautiful font. ever. FORMA | CUSTOM TYPEFACE by Arjun Harrison-Mann, via Behance

Lettertype 3 - Forma Custom (designed by Arjun Harrison-Mann) - A typeface inspired by the history of type, specifically Aztec and century Coptic mark making, entitled ‘Forma’.

DIY posters with cut-out lettering | How About Orange

Random ratchet song lyrics on my wall? lol DIY song lyric posters with cut out lettering. I don't know why you would need that particular poetry in sign form but this is useful!

Kate Spade line for Paperless Post. -- "Pop Fizz Clink - Ivory" Invitation, by Kate Spade, Paperless Post

Ryan Hamrick - “Hamrick Script”

Ryan Hamrick - “Hamrick Script” - you are you, but you are so much more. You are a lover. You are a creator. Be everything you can, and never stop wanting to be more.

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