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    My Favorite Quotes

    My Favorite Quotes

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    Yes but I have no idea how to ask if he feels the same way. And if the answer is no, it will devastate me.

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    This is so true. everyone comes through your life for a reason, whether they stay or leave.

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    keep it real, life's too short. | Inspirational Quotations and Motivational Sayings and Words

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    "Todo lo que puedas imaginar es real" Pablo Picasso

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    boho quotes - #Quote ☮k☮

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    The Life You Planned - Bohemian Quote Art 11 X 14 -Print - Gold Print -Inspirational Chic Art - Mixed Media Print

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    8 Beautifully Insightful Alan Watts Quotes | Spirit Science

    8 Beautifully Insightful Alan Watts Quotes

    One in ten Americans suffer from depression.Antidepressants has many side effects like weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Try a natural treatment for depression.

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    It is how I feel about a lot of people who I thought were my family but turns out they don't give a shit about me so Meh fuck it if they don't like me for something I had no control over I'm going to let them not like me its not like they even cared about me ever even though I have loved them for 5 years -.- -jusdee

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    The REALITY is...if you are truly grateful for God's grace your life is PERFECT! #wantwhatyouhave #dontbeselfish

    The Good Vibe (Daily Inspiring Quote Pictures)

    When I can't sleep at night, I stare at the empty side of my bed, and wonder about the things I would tell you, if you were laying next to me.

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    The things you take for granted stencil someone el

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    Transformation - You're falling into something different with a new capacity to be beautiful... Shine on...

    Transformation (A Merry Mishap)

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    Gaiam TV's Eastern Thought collection provides viewers with fascinating and inspiring videos on the origin and implementation of Eastern philosophy, both in ancient times and in modern day society.

    Eastern Thought | GaiamTV

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    Real connections live on forever #thoughts #quote

    When Connections Are Real - Inspirational Life Quotes