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Easy Knotted Bun Updo and Simple Bun Hairstyle

How To Get Rid of Grey Hair - Tea Bag Your Hair - Blonde Red or Brunette. Just in case.

Easy braided ponytail hairstyle how-to


how to do a french twist with your hair

LOVE THIS 1. Separate hair into 3 sections, per usual with a braid. 2. Braid 2 of your 3 sections into small braids and leave your third section as is. 3. Braid the 2 braids and the section you left out together loosely and secure with a hair tie. 4. Once secured in a hair tie, loosen your braid to make it look fat by gently pulling on each side of your braid and mushing it up.

How To Make A Side Twist Fishtail Braid | hairstyles tutorial #twist #braid #fishtail #hairstyle

26 Lazy Girl Hairstyling Hacks

Beautiful loose undo

For straight, thick hair -- while your hair is damp, put it in a loose bun on the top of your head overnight. In the morning, take out the bun and put a little mousse through your hair. (Don't overdo it or it will look crunchy) scrunch it as you blowdry it if it is still wet in the morning. Take the bangs or front of your hair and pin it back.

Front French Braid Hairstyle - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips