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6 Clever Creative Pet Gates - this is a pocket door pet gate! Brilliant!

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So adorable that's so sad and happy i almost CRYED!!

32 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World

1 3/4" circle charm - "A dog's kiss will cure almost anything" clip-on or zipper pull.

Asha, Whitney, Tucker, Tico, Spike, Bobby, Spot, all of the barn cats that I connected with and knew each personality by heart, Cirrus, Lobo, Dixie and finally, my Boon. I loved you all and still keep you in my heart you're never forgotten.

Calling all dog lovers... check out Sevenly's new collection! Each item purchased helps provide life-saving service dogs to children with disabilities.

Senior rescue dogs are the best. Senior dogs need a special kind of love from someone who has a BIG heart because old age for a dog can be the hardest and most heart breaking experience for both the dog and the owner so make sure you won't whimp out on them because they will need you to be strong!