Wow! I love this list! I don't necessarily agree with all of these but the idea of teaching kids manners is so important. Not enough kids have manners these days. I especially love the door holding idea. Not enough men act like gentlemen these days and I hope I can raise my boys to be gentlemen.

25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

100 Family Time Ideas-I love these! A lot of them I have already tried or have on my to-do list! Yay! These are such great activities! :D

100 Family Time Ideas

What do your children want more than anything? They want a relationship with you. 25 Special Ways to Spend Time With Your Child

25 Special Ways to Spend Time With Your Child

5 ways to spend one on one time with your kids right now.

Ideas to spend one on one time with your kids

Spending quality time with your child shows them that you value them and are genuinely interested in their lives.

Why We Should Date Our Children and Six No Cost Date Ideas - Kiddie Matters

30 Delightful Ways to Connect with Your Child; suggestions and ideas to spend quality time with our children.

30 Delightful Ways to Connect with Your Child

Wow, this is a really awesome list of creative ways to find quality time with your kids!

20 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Kids - Lemon Lime Adventures

If you are a mom, you know the overwhelmed feeling that can come along with balancing all the demands of motherhood. I never thought I'd be a morning routine person, but this simple morning routine has completely transformed my days and helped me have so much more peace and productivity! Try this, and before you know it, your house will be in order (at least once a day), you will have time to enjoy your kids, and you’ll still be able to get work done.

Stay at Home Mom Morning Routine that Changed My Life

Beautiful advice on learning how to change your attitude towards your kids (and in exchange change their attitude towards you). Great advice even if you AREN'T struggling with your little ones.

how to fix your child's attitude

47 Ways YOU Can Be A Fun Mom! - Kids Activities Blog

These six strategies for helping siblings get along may be just what you need to get a little peace and quiet in your home.

Dealing with Sibling Fighting - The Confident Mom

Because who doesn't want their toddler to listen well? 10 strategies parents can use to improve toddler listening and make some days a little less frustrating. For me, it is totally worth it!

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Parenting...awe i like this one...I will be that mom to my baby girl!

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Tips to Reset

The Day I Realized I Was Bullying My Kids

If you're a mom who yells, and wants to stop... this mantra was created just for you.

Mantra for Moms Who Yell

How to be a calm parent.

How to be a calm parent - Abundant Mama

Toddler Approved!: Saying Goodbye to Yelling, Nagging, and Reminding!

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Let's stop making excuses for our daughters. Let's start raising them up by not accepting excuses for putting others down. It starts with one brave parent....

5 BS Excuses Parents Make for Mean Girls

Calm down bottles are a great little tool to use during time outs or for quiet time. They can also be used to settle an anxious child. Your toddler or child shakes the bottle vigorously and then watches the bottle until the glitter settles, giving them a moment to relax and and calm down.

Rainbow Calm Down Sensory Bottles

Help your kids feel significant in constructive ways by helping them learn to think their desire for stuff through for themselves.

When Kids Want It NOW!!! - Connected Families

If you are struggling to stop yelling at your kids, your spouse or anyone else, or if you have another bad habit you really want to kick, this article is for you. I'll give you a 21 day (3 week) step by step process to deprogram these old habits and grow new, health habits and cycles!

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20 Free Chore Charts for Kids - Growing Up Gabel

What do you do when your kids turn up the heat and your blood starts boiling? There's a way to think of a better consequence when you are mad!

How to Think of a Better Consequence When Mad

Ten things to tell your daughter before she turns ten. Made me cry.

10 Things I Want My Ten-Year-Old Daughter To Know