artwork by François Henri Galland

François Henri Galland

comments from kim: colors are a bit too muted but like the watercolor and the couple kissing: artwork by François Henri Galland Watercolor is abstractly beautiful when it allows ones eyes to use imagination

Tracy Wall: "Sunset Lemons"

Contemporary Artists of Colorado: Tracy Wall -- "Sunset Lemons" painting fruits acrylic painting fruits oil painting fruits bowl still life painting fruits painting fruits decor

Ruth Shively.

Ruth Shively is a brillant portrait painter Note the use of high contrast, how she captures emotion, and the tone of her paintings.

Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville - amazing artist, look at all the tones and colours she has used to create this fleshy painting.

Watercolor Art: How to Paint Water and Waves

Watercolor Art: How to Paint Water and Waves

Learn how to paint seascapes in your watercolor art with these fabulous painting techniques, using four different kinds of washes.(How To Paint)

| summer paintings by Lisa Golightly |

summer paintings by Lisa Golightly. Can also order painting done from your own photo

I've been obsessing over large scale art lately -

Oversized Art

CREAM LARGE BRICK PATTERN WITH ART I've been obsessing over large scale art lately - specifically oversized photography. They just provide such a powerful impact and can actually visually open up a space. If only we all had more walls to fill .

Willem de Kooning

Dutch American abstract expressionist painter Willem de Kooning in his studio. via Habitually Chic

Wallpaper, abstract | Collins Interiors

Collins Interiors - dining rooms - Phillip Jeffries Imperial Gates Wallpaper, abstract art, blue abstract art, geometric wallpaper, blue and.

Images of Bob Johnston's work

but could do it with yarn, felted wire, etc.

Artist Spotlight Series: Sally King Benedict | The English Room

Artist Sally King Benedict borrows features from real and imaginary people for her series of abstract portraits. (via HWF)