Type 1 Diabetes Memes

Type 1 Diabetes Memes - but there are alos plenty of misconceptions about Type

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How do you inspire yourself to have a positive, even humor-filled, attitude about life with diabetes?

...and you give a little smile and a nod to acknowledge them even though they're a complete stranger

Type I diabetes is a very severe disease. The average life-span of a type 1 diabetic is years shorter than an average person.

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Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! Someone's at the door! My boxer (Reesie) is the same way!

Sad, but true too often. Type 1 Diabetes Memes

Just be a good girl and take whatever meds you need so you can have the best quality of life possible. Less than of severe chronic pain patients abuse prescription pain meds or become "addicted." Don't miss out on the good stuff.