DIY chandelier bird feeder

bird feeder chandelier Bird feeder from old chandelier in garden 2 diy with Garden Feeders Chandelier Bird

Cute bird baths/feeders

Tea Cup Bird Feeders - super inexpensive and a very cute idea for the garden. Might need to start looking for mismatching tea cups. Not going to use from my collection of tea cups. Love it!

Birdseed Wreath super easy and the kids can help... we made them for grandpas, and neighbors.

Recipes We Love: Gifts from the Kitchen (idea Birdseed cups bird seed feed; cup all purpose flour; 1 pkge of plain gelatin; bundt pan or other mold

DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

the garden-roof coop: DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders. good thing I've got so many empty wine bottles

Popcorn Cranberry Wreath for Birds - DIY Use plain popcorn for the birds!

Popcorn Cranberry Wreath for Birds and hint of outdoor holiday decorations., this is such a great idea for the birds. I would add little pockets of peanut butter ever few inches so the birds can really have a treat.


DIY Bird Feeder: Made from a recycled glass bottle, scrap wood, and the base of a plastic bottle. A very simple and cute summer DIY project!

Little Kids Activity | Bird Feeder

Bird Feeders C. water 1 envelope unflavored gelatin 3 TBS corn syrup 4 C. bird seed Mix everything together except the bird seed. Then add the bird seed, flatten out on a greased/lined cookie sheet. cut shapes and allow to dry overnight.

a spoon fed bird??

Springtime Mickey Bark

DIY Backyard Bird Feeder with a soda bottle and wooden spoons ~ Good kid craft and great to recycle. Love this idea. Just gotta find a soda bottle cuz we don't drink it.

illustration #art #illustration

Like this design. Can see the turtle as the base of the globe. Water or the four elements flow design as the arm and then globe as earth design in center.

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