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Chanyeol and Baekhyun tho

I'm and my girlfriends we both wear 4 inch heels but when I don't have mine on everything because a game of this ahah<<<<I'm taller than my friend (we're both aro/ace so she's the closest thing I have to a girlfriend) and this happens a lot

Welcome to Night Vale incorrect quotes Kevin and Cecil << This should be a quote, though. "You aren't special, Kevin.

This doesn’t have any names but I’m posting it to voltron cuz u can not tell me this isn’t Klance Lance as person A and Keith as Person B I mean come on it’s right there

I guess my otp is percabeth because I saw the word person as Percy and then thought that "A" meant Annabeth so<<<ahh yes Percabeth! Honestly I could imagine Percy or Annabeth as either person

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Just because I'm really into Scarlet Witch right now I would choose Psychic Warrior!!!

Just because I'm really into Scarlet Witch right now I would choose Psychic \\\\\\\\\ Warrior! Also, if the mystery pill is just one of the colored pills, why even choose it? Just pick the colored pill you want the most.

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Annabeth: "shit" Percy: "language, wise girl" Or Percy: "shit!" Annabeth: "language, seaweed brain" OR Fitz: "Shit!" Simmons: "language" Or Simmons: "Shit!" Fitz: "language" Yeah, I elaborated WAY too much

Imagine if Jack had to go in for surgery and he came out loopy and he tells May "there's this pretty girl that I'm in love with and I'm going to marry her but shhh you can't tell her" and May gets it all on video

Person A being a loopy Carlos and person b is a super giddy and lovestruck Cecil after being confessed to by his crush