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Fraction of the Day for 4th Grade

This product is a "Number of the Day" for fractions in the 4th grade. There are 20 pages included. $

Words To Know in 4th Grade Chart

- Words To Know in Grade Chart, Convenient, useful learning tools that decorate as they educate! Each chart measures by Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart.

Math Journal Sundays ... Kicked Up A Notch

Another site/link rec. from Dr. Nickie "Angles is a 4th Grade Standard in the CCSS. Here is a great set of activities to have students do in their math journals. I (Dr. Nickie) really like it because it is interactive, engaging and standards-based. Check it out!Types of Angles math journal @ Runde's Room."

Real Life Examples of Geometry

Real Life Examples of Geometry Terms (Blog Post) Help students solidify new vocabulary by using iPads to take photos of geometry in their world.