The Facts Of True Blood

That's cause team Eric is straight pussy they want him to look like Eric but act like Edward Cullen.


Definitely my alter ego from the goodie two shoe Christian girl to badass vampire, born in the same year too!

Alcide takin' shots - Joe Manganiello - Glad to see the turn of events for him, I'd much rather like him than not.

Alcide takin' shots - Joe Manganiello - True Blood (gif by FyeahJoeManganiello)

true blood

Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer on True Blood, met his true death in the series finale "Thank You.

Need reading buddy? Cuz I know you CAN'T BE GONE??

Alexander Skarsgard Full Naked Scene in True Blood Finale An Audition For 50 Shades Of Grey?