Button Bobbypins!

DIY: vintage buttons and bobby pins. I need to serious do this craft. I have a small box full of all kinds of buttons!

Haircut for Samantha?

Baby girl Haircut - Showing texture and layering to keep style feminine and not to squared off (boy styled). As your little girls hair grows longer, add headbands and cute hair accessories.

Cute little girls haircut.

Cute little girls haircut. Why do some mothers keep little girls hair so scraggly? They might be a kid but they don't need to be lazy about a haircut

Haircut for Samantha?

This is such a cute haircut for a little girl! Last time my daughter got her hair cut I showed her this. So she wanted her hair exactly like this little girl and the dress and sunglasses to match.

Triple Twists and a Bun | Back-to-School Hair from BabesInHairland.com #twists #hairstyle #bun

Hey Divas, Fashion Addict is here with a new fashionable post. Here are 25 hairstyle ideas for little girls to try out. One hairstyle can change your kid

Knotted Bun & Micro Braids from BabesInHairland.com

Get this pretty style by making a couple micro-braids and some knots. This is a great style for back-to-school & will hold up great during recess!