The best possible name for a dog... YEAH

The best possible name for a dog…

So wrong . I named my dog Miles" so I can tell people I walk 5 Miles everyday .

this may come in handy someday

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The perfect combination…


Periods are ridiculous. I Shouldn't Be Punished For Not Being Pregnant

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Light-up shoes help me run faster, Mom!ok ive seen this at least 15 times, must pin it because thats how i felt with LA Lights! coolest kid on the block.with my Barbie Corvette of course

well played walmart... well played

I think Walmart is onto something here...

Well Played Product Placement Guy, lol Cause every girl needs chocolate at that time of the month.

peep peep peep.... haha saw this (dispicable me 2) last night!!!! best movie ever

Despicable Me 2 This was one of the best quotes of the movie for sure. LOVE IT "I know what makes you a boy!" "Your bald head, it's so smooth! Sometimes I imagine a little chick popping out." I love this movie!

dog chewed up my shoes

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