Metallic Ice

This is what my Puffy looked like, except there was also pink and purple through his body and fins!

Male HM

Archived Auction # - Orange Purple Devil Halfmoon Betta - Ended: Sat Jul 9 2011


Let me reiterate; this is a FISH, not a BEET! It is a BETTA (two "t's," pronounced BET-uh) not a BETA (one "t," pronounced BAY-tuh). Beta is the genus name for beets, while Betta is this fish's genus name.

beautiful betta

Beta looks like a flower- need him in my life. Betas are super easy to care for- just put him in a fish bowl! I have had five betas and each lived at least 2 years (except

Betta Fish

Beautiful fish, Known as Betta the fighter fish. Visit our Page -►Wildlife and Nature Pictures ◄- For more photos


Never say beet! This fish is a betta, NOT a beta. The genus name of the Siamese fighting fish is Betta (BET-uh), not Beta (BAY-tuh), which is the genus name for beets.