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Try this with your students for a whole class reward system. Once you get to the Y in popcorn party; then you do exactly as it says and have a popcorn party. It's worked with my class. Free on Share My Lesson.

What makes popcorn pop? Use this middle school science lesson to help students prove a hypothesis. Free on Share My Lesson.

Teaching economics? Try this clever elementary activity using popcorn to demonstrate scarcity. Free on Share My Lesson.

Get free preK-12 lessons and activities for Black History Month. Includes ideas for integrating lessons throughout the yearlong curriculum.

Try this K-2 writing activity using a story map like this one based on the many adventures of the Winnie the Pooh book; chapter 1; where Pooh tries to get some honey. Free lesson from Share My Lesson.

Pooh needs a new umbrella. Try this waterproof science experiment with K-2 fans of Winnie the Pooh. Free lesson from Share My Lesson.

Get 20+ fiction / non fiction tasks to help with guided reading for grades K-5 ELA. Free from Share My Lesson.

Check out this comprehensive myths, legends and fables powerpoint for elementary ELA students. Includes game ideas. Free on Share My Lesson.

Great Julia G Thompson blog post on how teachers can create balance between professional & personal lives.

Great PowerPoint on saving reluctant writers, PreK-12. Three step process shows how to help ELA students of all abilities organize & sequence their ideas. Free from Share My Lesson