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#SharkCam is JAWESOME

#SharkCam is JAWESOME

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The team working on finalizing the 360 cam equipment, before it goes to the bottom of the exhibit.

These are the little 6 foot boats they use to feed the 20+ foot whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. #SharkCam

Twice a day (10:30am & 3pm et) during Shark Week, we're doing a live Whale Shark Feeding. It will blow you away.

This is the view from the ginormous observation window. Can you spot the 360 cam?

This Porkfish loves the camera and I officially call thee: "Turtle14"

A Whale Shark in front of the main display window at the Ocean Voyager exhibit. #SharkCam

A silhouette of a whale shark. I would definitely NOT want to be swimming in there right now.

That "tiny" whale shark is over 20' long! See it over there? Trust me. It's huge.

Shark Cam is LIVE! #munchmunchmunch

#SharkCam is can almost hear the "duhhnnnn DUNT"

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