Wine Bottle Ideas

Wine Bottle Ideas

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blue bottle lights garden path border

Blue bottle lights | Garden Gate eNotes

Wine bottle shelving #Ideas #diy #projects #decor #decorating

DIY Wine bottles shelves

Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water. Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink. Next, add this secret potion: 1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.AND THE LABELS COME OFF:-) good to know for wine bottle vases

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make planters out of wine bottles - Google Search

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blue bottle garden art

From The Alley To The Gallery

Wine Bottle Torch. Great IDEA

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Make Unique Decorative Tiki Torches Out of Glass Wine/Beer/Soda/Olive Oil Bottles-Special Wick Holder! - TeeDiddlyDee

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A very proud Wine Bottle Peacock

Gloriously Happy Peacock |
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    How do you make it or purchase

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    I need to know this too please

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    No idea. I pinned because I want to see if I can find someone to make it

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    i clicked on for instructions someplace and it brought me to a place that sold them for $70.00

DIY tiki torch wine bottles that look pretty and keep the mosquitoes away.

Glass Cutting

A Law Student's Journey: Easy Glass Cutting


Unusual Fence Of Recycled Glass Bottles | Shelterness

bottle fence - drill hole in each bottle and run a rebar through it. Lovely when the sun hits it.

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    Oh this is so cool! Gotta do something like this.

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    Love love love it!!!

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    Yup!! Working on "materials" ...

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    This is beyond cool, I absolutely love it!!


Gloriously Happy Peacock |

Hostess gift!! #gift

Chic to the Nines
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    I knew I have been saving those corks for something! Great idea!

oooh. great use of wine bottles. i like it

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Wine Bottle Torches - wine bottle, Tiki Torch wick refill, Tiki Torch lamp oil, 3/8" metal washer, Decorative glass rocks or beads (optional) *able to fit in bottle Place decorative rocks/beads in bottle. The more you have, the less oil you will need to use. Feed wick through opening of washer, leaving about 1/4-inch sticking out. Pour oil into bottle using a funnel, enough to cover half of the wick. Feed longer side of wick into bottle. Light top wick & enjoy!

This is brilliant- rubber bands wrapped around the vases, then spray it with the craft spray that 'etches' the glass & remove bands. (easy)

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    Awesome Idea!

Painted wine bottles!

Valri Peyser: Open Studios « The Pedestrian Poet
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    wow these are amazing and beautiful

wine bottles, rubber bands and spray paint.

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DIY- Glass Bottle Cutting

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how to cut the bottom off a bottle -- to make LIGHTS!

Remodelaholic | How to Make a Glass Wine Bottle Pendant Light DIY
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    I like your way of cutting the bottle, have to try it. Thanks

Homemade Nightlight (wine bottle, glass gems, christmas lights)

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