Nice natural looking soap

Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects: Easy DIY Natural Handmade Soap Recipe Without Using Lye or Caustic Soda

Rosemary Mint Shea Butter soap

Rosemary Mint soap exfoliating shea butter by ParadiseBodyShop -- this is melt and pour soap with oatmeal added to bottom layer.

Handmade shampoo bar recipe

Foamy Shampoo Bar Recipe

Homemade Cold Process Shampoo Bar Recipe: 4 ounces castor oil 2 ounces jojoba oil 4 ounces sunflower oil 3 ounces palm oil 1 ounce cocoa butter 8 ounces coconut oil 8 ounces distilled water 3 ounces lye to 1 ounce essential oils at trace

Homemade Soap Recipe with Coconut and Citrus

Homemade citrus coconut soap: of a block of shea butter soap base. 1 tablespoon of citrus zest. A few drops of orange essential oil. tablespoons of shredded coconut.

Such good use of soap balls! Love these!

Punch out cylindrical shaped different colors of soap pour base soap, once set lay in the punched out pieces on top pour the rest of the base soap on top

Awesome soap curing closet/shelving.  Bakers trays lined with kraft paper are used for the shelves.

Bakers trays lined with kraft paper are used for the shelves. Maybe my old wood ammo box would work.

Ginger soap

Ginger Soap - Using Fresh Ginger Pulp in Soap

Ginger soap: 2 oz avocado oil 20 oz coconut oil 16 oz olive oil 5 oz rice bran oil 4 oz shea butter 3 oz sunflower oil C ground ginger pulp oz lye 12 oz water

Awesome handmade soap curing rack, by Sun Fortune Soapworks.  Looks like it just uses cake racks as the shelving, which are easily removable. :)

Soap curing racks Bluebird Orchard and Sun Fortune Soapworks – July 2009

Shampoo soap bar - A recipe

smallthingsbynona: shampoo soap bar - a recipe. Have to have someone else make it but I like the idea