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Curly Hair Problems

Curly Hair Problems

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this probably happens everytime I go out in public...

every single time... and I have to see my new cut both curly and straight to know if i truly like it. Only one hairstylist has ever succeeded passed this test.

  • Ella Williams
    Ella Williams

    Me right now!!! Just got my hair cut... Ugh!


perfectly stated

submitted by crazycurlyme :)

oh how i hate frizz.

It's true. Be grateful you have straight hair. Once hair is messed up, it is shower or pony tail.



Have I mentioned looking like a dandelion as a child?

I have the toughest head ever! This happens when you have a mom with super straight hair lol

  • Carson Long
    Carson Long

    Or when they say, "You should come your hair more often" when you combed it three times that day.

... 45 minutes later


must have conditioner!

so hard to find a great stylist

  • Jessica Jeckstadt
    Jessica Jeckstadt

    Go to the deva website and search your area

the South

Exactly. Took a while to get over the anxiety of letting my husband see this when we were dating.


This happened all the time in Maine!


My poor father-in-law. I swear I try to get it all before I leave the bathroom!! lol

Curly hair...:)

So very true, can't stop brushing or touching it..