White Chocolate Blueberry Truffles - simple no bake dessert recipe with only 5 ingredients: white chocolate, butter, heavy cream and dried blueberries, roll into powdered sugar. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR OR FLAVOR ADDED!

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Apple Pie Egg Rolls!! If you like the OLD McDonald's apple pies (the fried ones!) you will LOVE these! Crispy shells with a warm apple pie filling.

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Holy cowgirl. Is any one out there up to their eye balls in EndOfTheSchoolYear activities a plenty? Projects, reports, programs, build a big riding float that looks like the state of Idaho (good …

This Easy Homemade Peach Crisp is super simple and it tastes amazing! That crumb topping paired with the juicy peaches is a match made in…

Ways to use leftover pumpkin. Have extra pumpkin from the can? Make any of these 25 mini pumpkin desserts for two!

Birthday Cake Fudge is a fun, festive Disney inspired treat. Packed with cookies and marshmallow, this is one dessert you can't resist!

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