Life is just to short to spend one minute of it in any of these situations! I prefer being with the ones I love, who love me and bring joy to my life and want the best for me as I do them and who bring positive energy into my life as I try to do for them!


It sucks, and it gets better, but it always sucks again. But I'll help you through it all and make the better times seem like the most amazing things ever. And then when it sucks again, I'll remind you of those times so we can trudge through it together.


.Accept that you are wonderfully made and born to be a star shining out your inner happiness to all you meet. Welcome the world to your heart for you can love from the heavens with a divine royal heritage that is way above huge capacity...."Princess" Dee.


ENJOYING LABOUR: Passions will be fostered as long as they have to do with creating a harmonious and beautiful community. Passionate people will do better work and be happier about the things they contribute to society


Dedicated to my fellow Pinners, Ohana, Soul Sister n Anam Caras.. I am Grateful for your Presence in My Life and the lovely Wisdom you share to help n enlighten me n also remind at times to stay on the path of Positivity. Deepest Gratitude❤️☀️. Namaste