Do you want to enjoy fresh eggs every morning? Keeping backyard chickens is an enjoyable hobby and provides you with fresh eggs every day. To keep your new flock safe from predators and out of the elements, you will need to provide them a chicken coop....

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

While all these elements are commonly found in a cottage garden, the biggest rule is that you create a look you love. Don't get caught up in trying to follow "the rules." Plant what you like and how you like it for a delightful cottage garden to suit you.


Grow Food, Not Lawns -- Here's a step by step for turning your lawn into a thriving vegetable garden. This simple write up comes with four methods to getting rid of the grass, a seed starting chart, and low maintenance crops. It even suggests some differe

Garden Sheds in the Landscape

white garden shed - I will have this in a bigger version by next year. (Of course, mine will have a secret satellite dish that only I know about and can watch HGTV and the Weather Channel all I want without interuption)