Paradise sunset on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Sun is setting on the beach of the Paradise Island. By Grégory Massal Photography.

Tuscany - saturnia thermal baths

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Amalfi Coast

Bucket List: Visit Naples, Italy Naples is the home of pizza, but also very close to the archaeological wonders of Pompeii & Herculaneum

The Colosseum, Rome

I've had that exact view; but my photography sucks! The Colosseum, Rome, Italy ps that thing is full of cats, just sayin


Home to one in three Canadians, Ontario, Canada is one of the most temperate areas in this Northland. Surrounded by Fresh Water Lakes, Southern.

Munich, Germany

Glokenspiel, in Munich Germany. Beautiful at Christmastime.


Stonehenge - family vacation We were allowed to roam the site - shortly after our visit, they stopped it. It wasn't us, the grafitti on those stones was from the haaa haa