Livery Badges

Hand Made Medieval Livery Emblems made to order
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a mannequin dressed in yellow and black with stripes on it's back
Harley Surcoat
Cloak, Half Circle, Handmade
Half circle woollen cloak
Shirts, Linen, Shirt, Simple
Simple Linen shirt
a white mannequin wearing a red and yellow sweater
Warwick The Kingmaker Surcoat
Décor, Ale, Home Décor, Woolen, Decor, Circle, Home Decor
Full circle woollen cloak
Sweatshirts, Jumpers, Douglas, Sweaters
Douglas Surcoat
Formal Dresses, Lady, Dress, Red Formal Dress, Formal, Overdressed, Red
Ladies Linen Surcoat/Overdress
an american flag with three stars and a heart on the front, hanging from a wall
Silk Douglas Banner
a blue bag with an embroidered letter s on it and a ribbon around the edge
Silk Dupion Douglas Flag
Tank Tops, Pinny, Women
Roger de Leyburn Surcoat
Samurai, Action, Golf Bags
Douglas Surcoat in action
Belts, Accessories, Belt, Personalized Items
six black and white hens with red beaks are on a white cloth covered tablecloth