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white flowers in vases and wine glasses on a table with gold tray holding champagne flutes
KELLY WEARSTLER | SALONE TRAY. Surreal and unconventional tabletop accessory
two stools sitting on the ground in front of some stairs with white and black vases
KELLY WEARSTLER | TRIBUTE STOOLS. Hand-sculpted out of a solid block of White Calacatta, Big Flower, Grey Rainbow or Negro Marquina marble.
two white plates, one empty and the other with an empty plate on it's side
Virtual Staging - Realtors Media House
Richard Ginori 1735 Diagono products
a white bowl with blue trimmings on the sides and a gold ring at the top
Virtual Staging - Realtors Media House
Impero - Labirinto Blue Oval Soup Tureen & Cover | Richard Ginori 1735
a green and white plate with an intricate design on the rim, against a white background
Blog - Harlequin London - credit tradelines
Richard Ginori Catene emerald bone china tableware harlequin london
a white vase sitting on top of a stack of books next to a palm leaf
Collezione Catene - Emblema di una geometria moderna. #RichardGinori #Firenze #AlessandroMichele #design #handpainted #gift #RGCatene #craftsmanship #heritage
a black and gold plate with pink designs on the rim, against a white background
Richard Ginori
Dinner plate - Richard Ginori 1735
a red and white dinner set with matching cups
Brighten up your home with our picks of this summer's top finds for easy indoor-outdoor livingLuxury brand Jimmy Choo has opened a new Rodeo Drive boutique to showcase its expanded line of ultrachic waresCoral & Tusk’s new pop-up shop brings the textile brand’s whimsical world to lifeOur take on the latest shopping finds and market news
three decorative plates sitting next to each other on a white surface, one is green and the other is red
Sleek and #rational: a logical path of #lines evokes the image of a #maze and creates a #graphic frame. #richardginori #gioponti #design #colors #RGLabirinto #madeinitaly #craftsmanship
an image of plates and bowls with designs on them
La #vajilla "Labirinto" de la reconocida Richard Ginori nace de una colaboración de la marca con el equipo creativo de #Gucci. El resultado es simplemente exquisito.
four coffee mugs with different designs on them
Labirinto di Giò Ponti
a black and white plate with an intricate design on the rim, against a white background
Labirinto di Giò Ponti
two tea cups and saucers on a white table with red trim around the edges
Labirinto di Giò Ponti
Labirinto Zaffiro Giftware #RichardGinori #Firenze #gift #gioponti #design #Ginori #craftsmanship #heritage Knick Knack, Giftware, Firenze, Lifestyle, Instagram Posts
Labirinto Zaffiro Giftware #RichardGinori #Firenze #gift #gioponti #design #Ginori #craftsmanship #heritage