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'Longmire' Was Saved by the Fans, Says Zahn McClarnon | The TV series 'Longmire', which was canceled last summer by A&E .but... saved by Netflix ..  begins filming its fourth season this month, according to earlier reports.

Actor Zahn McClarnon, who plays Tribal Officer Mathias, discusses the fan-inspired revival of the popular TV series Longmire.

Fargo’s Hanzee on Roles for Native Americans -- Vulture

“I’ve played Latino roles, and I’ve played Native roles. I’d love a role where I’m playing a father, a loving husband.

Zahn Mcclarnon, Ss


Zahn Mcclarnon, American Indians, Artemis, Native Americans, Roots, Ss, Native American Indians, Native American, Native American Men


Zahn Mcclarnon, Native American, Ss, Native Americans