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Dedicated to the amazing world of J.R.R. Tolkien. Videos, movie behind-the-scenes & promo, The Silmarillion, gifts, books, humor, etc.

Funny pictures about Legolas and Gimli. Oh, and cool pics about Legolas and Gimli. Also, Legolas and Gimli.

Elvish dagger in the possession of King Rowar II, its name translates into 'Winter's Waste'.

Elvish dagger in the possession of King Rowar II, its name translates into 'Winter's Waste'. (My weapon)

The Lord of The Rings Art

The Lord of The Rings Art

Modern take on the Lord of the Rings book covers, with each illustration capturing the key elements of the story line. The color choice is very appealing to the eye, giving a sense of depth to the imagery. A trilogy that was meant to be one book.

Ruins of Middle-earth: Amon Sûl #TheLordOfTheRings

Ruins of Middle-earth: Amon Sûl - known as Weatherop, was a hill in the Eriador…

Ruins of Middle-earth: Minas Morgul

Ruins of Middle-earth: Minas Morgul>> ever since I was little I thought this city's story was incredibly sad; so much history destroyed.

Arwen: from the Sindarian ara meaning noble, from the Sindarin gwenn meaning maiden, alternate names include Undomiel (meaning evenstar) #lotr

Arwen Evenstar -- played by Liv Tyler in "The Lord of the Rings"

The Stewards of Gondor by enanoakd on deviantART

The House of Anárion was the extended house of the nobles and royalty of Gondor, descended from its first Kings. The house included the Kings of Gondor and their heirs, of course, but also the.

Hobbit vs LOTR movie revenue and book length infographic -- interesting!

The Hobbit How much is the Trilogy worth per Book page Infographic. How much is the trilogy worth per page of the book? is the question this infographic po


Elf Helm -- "This is especially awesome as I've been looking at Alan Lee's original concept art and seeing it in a physical form is very interesting :)"

Did you know the hobbit movie was taken place in New Zealand in a place called hobbiton I think or something like that .anyway a " Unexpected journey " was filmed there for all the hobbit and lord of the rings fans like me!

Hobbit Style Airlines…

New Zealand airline goes Hobbit Style. Would so ride on this plane!

Eye of Sauron Wedding Cake - Neatorama (or a LOTR party)

It's a Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr/Eye of Sauron wedding cake. It is tall and impressive.


The Nazgul version of Beach Boy's "Surfing Safari": "We're not surfing now, Elf' s a-swarming us now, all this for a stupid ring.